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writing a thesis with our academic ghostwriter is one of our many services as an academic service. On request, we can provide you with almost any topic of your choice an experienced and competent author aside, which is to submit the work to your liking. In our pool we only Author custom writing help academics with good and very good grades, which also have a long-standing work experience in the academic field.

requirements for a bachelor thesis

The requirements for a bachelor thesis are much higher than for writing a term paper because the topic selection, classification and development is required of a question than an independent performance by the student. It is also important that the central and current literature is read on the subject and analyzed. Therefore, it is advisable to begin before the actual start of the work with the literature and sources research. This search can – depending on the topic – be very time consuming, but it is absolutely necessary. to speak from the beginning with the responsible lecturer or professor to clarify the issue and the question is important. It should also be ensured if there is ever enough literature on the selected topic and if so, whether this is also easily accessible. It happens quite often that students to choose a topic for your dissertation, which is on your mind, but hardly represents the adequate literature. In these questions, our ghostwriters can help you, because they have enough expertise and relevant experience to research the required literature quickly and efficiently.

Just for undergraduate work, only a very limited processing period provided for, is a good time management top priority. Many students get caught up in work organization or push to start working on for too long. The resulting time pressure often causes no longer available for the writing of the work sufficient time available. Content and formal errors then creep in quickly and are often overlooked in the rush of students. Therefore, it is advisable to call in case of problems to a professional. A professional ghostwriter can quickly submit a high-quality value-work, or revise incorrect and inconsistent texts.

The intellectual personal contribution in addressing the chosen topic is much more extensive than for other work in the study. it is required that existing theories and research approaches are critically reflected and evaluated. Key messages of literature must be critically examined and weighed against each other. The text is to make arguments so that a clear reference yields for questioning and their own arguments are clear. These arguments have to be worked out with the necessary scientific and critical objectivity and evaluated on the basis of the research literature. In some faculties also the collection and analysis of empirical data is required, which must also be analyzed in accordance with and visualized.

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Our ghostwriters close the academic gap of universities – The lack of service


With these challenges we are at your side. It does not matter what stage of work you are in. Starting with the topic selection and conceptual organization to editing and layout of the thesis, we offer a full range of popular academic services. Actually, these personal care is the responsibility of the universities. Unfortunately, the university policy development has resulted in the German-speaking countries in recent decades mean that the teaching staff has little time for taking care of the students. This gap we fill with our wide range of services and promise you not only efficiency and professionalism but also the necessary discretion


The use of a ghost writer not only saves time and lots of work, but also guarantees you that you will get a high-quality work. Our expert authors have the necessary expertise to help you with questions of all kinds and can easily identify and control typical “rookie mistakes”. Our ghostwriter will help you to structure the work process also makes sense and guarantee on-time delivery of the finished work.

Our Writers submit only originals. Plagiarism is prohibited and will be required to undergo any text avoided through the use of plagiarism software. We work according to scientific standards and are always striving to deliver the best possible product. Therefore, we only work with experienced and academically trained together authors who know what is important when writing scientific theses.


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acadoo® help you when writing your thesis

Our agency works with experienced and professional writers together have at least a college degree . Our ghostwriters have some years of experience in the field of academic writing and can quickly familiarize yourself with new topics and edit them according to your needs in a short time. All authors of our house are or were automatically in academia and can give you valuable tips for writing your work at your side even in formal questions (formatting, citations, language style). It is important to us that you have the ability to close and personal collaboration with the author. Of course, remain both you and the ghost writer anonymous. In addition, our authors are contractually bound to confidentiality and discretion and treat your data with reasonable care.

If you can give you in all questions competently answer for writing your thesis need help our authors. As an academic service, we offer a wide range of different services. We are the right partner when it comes to editing or proofreading your work. If you have any questions about individual chapters or need help in formulating arguments, our ghostwriters be happy to personally advise you. The dissertation presents for the students is the first major scientific work that you have to write independently and makes up the plus up to 20 percent of the entire study note. Accordingly, high pressure is to write the best possible work. Unfortunately, the German mass universities, professors and lecturers who can less and less time for individual students and or students want to insufficient care.

where, the thesis in academia one not to be underestimated hurdle, after the formulation of an independent thesis is expected here as well as the stringent processing of a self-selected topic based on a scientific question.

What is required is not only the evaluation of current literature but also the examination of subject-related theories and research opinions here. For these requirements, see in our competent and professional people who work with you personally in mind to write a work that meets all scientific requirements. Since we only work with experienced and academically trained authors we can guarantee you that you are cared for competently and promptly. Many students get bogged down with a bachelor’s thesis and underestimate the time required for such work or have trouble to formulate their own arguments or to design a stringent division. Errors in reasoning and inadequate time management are the most common problems when creating a thesis, our experienced copywriter you can promptly and professionally and support with these problems. You can use our service, of course, be used if you are still at the beginning of your thesis and have help in finding topics and the formulation of a scientific question. In the design phase, our expert authors will assist in the first steps and support you with the materials and literature or assist you in finding a suitable topic.

Of course, it is also possible that our authors create a complete work for you, which can serve as a pattern . This is created according to your wishes and desires. While you are working you have the possibility to give the author a feedback and to incorporate your needs and writingbee wishes to work with. The regular part deliveries also allow you to track the progress of work and allow you tune your suggestions specifically with the author.

If you would like assistance with creation or collection or analysis of empirical data we are also happy to help. It is also possible to create foreign-language texts (for example, in English, French or Spanish), or even the evaluation and research of foreign-language literature. Which services you always need, we make sure that your order promptly, professionally, and your wishes will be carried out according to.